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  1. Using social media as a qualitative research tool. — July 17, 2012
  2. IN THE NEWS: What news medium is most trusted by Americans? — July 11, 2012
  3. Tell a story with video reports. — July 5, 2012
  4. IN THE NEWS: The effects of “showrooming” — July 3, 2012
  5. IN THE NEWS: Urban versus suburban growth. — July 2, 2012

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Jul 17

Using social media as a qualitative research tool.


Social media is not just a way for people to update others on what they are eating for dinner or other mundane details. It is also more than simply a marketing tool for companies and organizations. Social media can be incredibly useful when trying to garner qualitative research insights. In an issue of “Quirks”, a …

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Jul 11

IN THE NEWS: What news medium is most trusted by Americans?


If you heard that Justin Bieber had died (again)¬†what news medium would you turn to so you can verify the validity of the story? Would you go to an online news source? Would you turn on the TV? Or would you wait for a radio DJ to mention it? According to eMarketer, research from Triton …

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Jul 05

Tell a story with video reports.


Video reports can serve as a great deliverable to clients as long as they are executed with the right goal in mind. There are situations in which video reports work well and some situations in which they are not needed. You can tell almost right away… for example, video reports are probably not useful if …

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Jul 03

IN THE NEWS: The effects of “showrooming”


I’m definitely guilty of showrooming. I don’t know how many times I’ve walked into a store, checked out the price of a product, nearly keel over after seeing the price tag, then whip out my smart phone to buy it cheaper online. Showrooming has become common practice to many consumers. Showrooming occurs when consumers check …

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Jul 02

IN THE NEWS: Urban versus suburban growth.


City life isn’t for everyone, with the insane traffic, light pollution and constant noise that’s so characteristic of big cities. Some people do enjoy it though. New estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau suggests that population growth in urban areas is outpacing suburban areas for the first time in nearly a century. Metros such as …

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Jun 29

IN THE NEWS: How much more time do single people spend on personal care than married couples?


Sometimes, it’s just seems inconvenient being single. Participating in the “buy one get one free” offers can be a hassle because who gets two Frappuccinos at once for themselves? And sitting by yourself at a two or four person table is just awkward. However, according to the Labor Department’s American Time Use Survey, single people …

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Jun 22

IN THE NEWS: Who is most influential on Facebook?

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We all have those friends on Facebook who are constantly sending requests or invites to Facebook apps and games. No matter how many times we decline, they continue to bombard us with requests. So then we defriend them. Facebook is a place where some friendships go to die.. But this begs the question, who is …

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Jun 21

IN THE NEWS: Are we losing faith in the quality of our public schools?

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While I don’t exactly look fondly back on the grade school days of vocabulary tests, algebra homework and last minute cramming, I can still confidently say that I thought my public school education was pretty rock solid. However, these days, this is not the case anymore. A recent Gallup poll found that confidence in U.S. …

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Jun 20

IN THE NEWS: For online shoppers, what matters more: convenience or free shipping?

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Something that drives me up the wall is when I’m online shopping and go to click on my virtual shopping cart to check out and notice that the shipping cost actually totals MORE than the cost of the item. Really? Come on. For online shoppers, what are some of the most important aspects that factor …

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Jun 19

IN THE NEWS: Do people conduct online searches in more than one language?

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Like many other second generation Asian Americans who are born and raised in the states, I know enough Mandarin Chinese to converse with my relatives or travel around China. However, reading traditional Chinese characters is not exactly my strong suit. And because they speak so rapidly (and dramatically?) I honestly cannot understand a single word …

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