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Jun 18

IN THE NEWS: “Affluent Males” segment shop online more than ever before.

Photo Credit: Shindoverse

It’s true. Men shop just as much as women, but just not in the same way. It’s not very common to see a group of guys crowding around each other in the dressing rooms, exclaiming how fabulous they look in an outfit. However, it’s not surprising to see men shopping online via an electronic device. …

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Jun 07

IN THE NEWS: Men are feeling more stressed from work-family demands.

Photo Credit: Kelly B. (

While most diaper commercials feature a smiling mother watching her baby as it cruises around the living room with the diaper wrapped securely in place, I’ve noticed a number of them showcasing the father in that role. With most advertising for household products and services targeting women, it can be easy to forget that men …

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Jun 05

IN THE NEWS: Mickey Mouse is becoming more health conscious

Photo Credit: Jason Lam

Some of my favorite memories of being at Disneyland and Disney World have nothing to do with the rides there. The memories are not associated with the Disney characters either. I actually used to be terrified of the giant Mickeys and Aristocats strolling down the sidewalk, patting kids on the head. Although Space Mountain is …

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Jun 04

IN THE NEWS: The merging of social media and television shows

Photo credit: Ann Althouse (

During HBO’s Game of Thrones season finale last night, my Facebook and Twitter feed were taken over by post after post of mentions of the show with the hashtag #GameOfThrones at the end, as well as comments on the excitement for the next season. Television viewers are increasingly turning to social media and other online sources …

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May 31

IN THE NEWS: Disease prevalence and what it means for health care marketers.

Source: GfKMRI

I know some friends who will make a doctor’s appointment when they get a paper cut. I also know some people who will have something like a gaping head wound and say, “Oh I’ll just take some ibu profen and sleep it off.” Me? I avoid doctors and hospitals until I am almost near death, …

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May 30

IN THE NEWS: “Just-in-time” smartphone users enjoy having immediate access to information.

Checking in with Foursquare credited to Michael Kwan (

So you’re out getting lunch with a friend when he mentions his excitement for the final movie in Christopher Nolan’s batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. He suggests seeing it when it begins showing in theaters in December 2012. You’re positive that the movie release date is actually in July, which you point out but …

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