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Jul 17

Using social media as a qualitative research tool.


Social media is not just a way for people to update others on what they are eating for dinner or other mundane details. It is also more than simply a marketing tool for companies and organizations. Social media can be incredibly useful when trying to garner qualitative research insights. In an issue of “Quirks”, a …

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Jul 05

Tell a story with video reports.


Video reports can serve as a great deliverable to clients as long as they are executed with the right goal in mind. There are situations in which video reports work well and some situations in which they are not needed. You can tell almost right away… for example, video reports are probably not useful if …

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Jun 29

IN THE NEWS: How much more time do single people spend on personal care than married couples?


Sometimes, it’s just seems inconvenient being single. Participating in the “buy one get one free” offers can be a hassle because who gets two Frappuccinos at once for themselves? And sitting by yourself at a two or four person table is just awkward. However, according to the Labor Department’s American Time Use Survey, single people …

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Jun 21

IN THE NEWS: Are we losing faith in the quality of our public schools?

Photo Credit: Thomas Favre-Bulle (

While I don’t exactly look fondly back on the grade school days of vocabulary tests, algebra homework and last minute cramming, I can still confidently say that I thought my public school education was pretty rock solid. However, these days, this is not the case anymore. A recent Gallup poll found that confidence in U.S. …

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Jun 05

IN THE NEWS: Mickey Mouse is becoming more health conscious

Photo Credit: Jason Lam

Some of my favorite memories of being at Disneyland and Disney World have nothing to do with the rides there. The memories are not associated with the Disney characters either. I actually used to be terrified of the giant Mickeys and Aristocats strolling down the sidewalk, patting kids on the head. Although Space Mountain is …

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Jun 04

IN THE NEWS: The merging of social media and television shows

Photo credit: Ann Althouse (

During HBO’s Game of Thrones season finale last night, my Facebook and Twitter feed were taken over by post after post of mentions of the show with the hashtag #GameOfThrones at the end, as well as comments on the excitement for the next season. Television viewers are increasingly turning to social media and other online sources …

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May 30

IN THE NEWS: “Just-in-time” smartphone users enjoy having immediate access to information.

Checking in with Foursquare credited to Michael Kwan (

So you’re out getting lunch with a friend when he mentions his excitement for the final movie in Christopher Nolan’s batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. He suggests seeing it when it begins showing in theaters in December 2012. You’re positive that the movie release date is actually in July, which you point out but …

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Dec 09

[Rethinking Retail] Why Traditional Retail Will Never Go Extinct (Even if it Drastically Changes)

Photo Credit: Profound Whatever ( Used Under Creative Commons License.

I’m a pretty frugal consumer, I’ll admit, and it’s a good thing, because I’ve got a baby on the way and student loans to pay off. I typically don’t buy things unless they’re on sale (a real sale, not one of those artificial ones created by obscenely high MSRP games) or I can get a …

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Dec 08

[Rethinking Retail] – What the Future Holds

Photo Credit: Phil Manker ( Used Under Creative Commons License

Following yesterday’s piece predicting that retail as we know it today is almost certainly doomed (though not, I’ll explain tomorrow, to extinction!), I thought I’d take a few moments and offer some thoughts on what retail’s future may look like. As a reminder to those who don’t know, retailing’s in my background. I’m the only …

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Dec 07

[Rethinking Retail] – Is Retail Dying?

Photo Credit: See-Ming Lee (

I don’t shop on Black Friday (unless it’s online), because I used to be a retail manager who had to work the doorbuster sales. So, when I saw the following video (which is making the rounds on blogs right now), I found myself both shocked and nodding in knowing agreement at what unfolds: The above …

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