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Jun 20

IN THE NEWS: For online shoppers, what matters more: convenience or free shipping?

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Something that drives me up the wall is when I’m online shopping and go to click on my virtual shopping cart to check out and notice that the shipping cost actually totals MORE than the cost of the item. Really? Come on. For online shoppers, what are some of the most important aspects that factor …

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Jun 19

IN THE NEWS: Do people conduct online searches in more than one language?

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Like many other second generation Asian Americans who are born and raised in the states, I know enough Mandarin Chinese to converse with my relatives or travel around China. However, reading traditional Chinese characters is not exactly my strong suit. And because they speak so rapidly (and dramatically?) I honestly cannot understand a single word …

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Jun 18

IN THE NEWS: “Affluent Males” segment shop online more than ever before.

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It’s true. Men shop just as much as women, but just not in the same way. It’s not very common to see a group of guys crowding around each other in the dressing rooms, exclaiming how fabulous they look in an outfit. However, it’s not surprising to see men shopping online via an electronic device. …

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Jun 14

IN THE NEWS: Does Emotional Intelligence Make You a Sucker?

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I was listening to an episode of The Nerdist podcast the other day with guest Penn Jillette (the big loud guy from the magician duo, Penn & Teller), and I was fascinated to hear Penn suggest that when you need a doctor or a lawyer to really fight for you, he believes it’s best to …

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Jun 12

IN THE NEWS: Does Coffee Curb Depression?

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  A study published last year in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that women who drink two to four caffeinated cups of coffee a day are significantly less likely to develop depression – an interesting statistic, given that women are twice as likely to encounter depression as men. What’s more, the likelihood to be at …

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Jun 08

IN THE NEWS: Do Americans Really Spend Less on Groceries Now Than They Did 30 Years Ago?

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The wonderful NPR podcast Planet Money has a great set of charts up on its blog today revealing that Americans are actually spending less on food today than they did in 1982. Why? Well, for starters, they’re buying less fresh food and more processed food, which actually has some effect on the efficiencies used to put …

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Jun 07

IN THE NEWS: Men are feeling more stressed from work-family demands.

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While most diaper commercials feature a smiling mother watching her baby as it cruises around the living room with the diaper wrapped securely in place, I’ve noticed a number of them showcasing the father in that role. With most advertising for household products and services targeting women, it can be easy to forget that men …

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Jun 06

IN THE NEWS: Are Video Games Just for Boys Anymore?

Beyond: Two Souls is an upcoming game staring a motion-capped Ellen Page. It's just another example of how gaming is growing broader.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is going on in Los Angeles this week, and for video game fans like myself, it’s a big deal, because this is the time of the year where we get to learn about all of the new video games that are in development. I’ve been watching the press conferences put …

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Jun 05

IN THE NEWS: Was Freud Actually Right In Saying That Depression Made Worse By Guilt?

Photo Credit: LIFE (via Wikimedia Commons)

Sigmund Freud once observed that depression is different from sadness because it includes feelings of guilt and self-blame. I’m not a fan of Freud myself, since it seems like almost every week, I’m reading stories about how neuroscience has discredited some idea he held to be true. But a recent study conducted by the University …

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Jun 04

IN THE NEWS: Is Exercise Actually Bad For Some People?

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I’ll admit it – I hate exercising. No, I don’t mind physical activity at all; I enjoy walking and hiking, and I love cycling. It’s just my brain that gets in the way, because it gets bored. But if I put in some earphones and have a digital device loaded up with podcasts to keep …

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