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Jan 22

Creating a Healthy Image for Junk Food

Since last August, I’ve been on a diet, and I’ve managed to lose over 30 pounds. My secret? I stopped eating bread, rice, cereal and potatoes as staples and relegated them to the “once in a while” category instead. (I also switched to diet soda and started exercising more regularly, but I should note that …

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Aug 29

IN THE NEWS: How to Kill a Brand, Apple Store Edition


As someone who’s worked in retail before and who’s learned a lot of tough lessons about finding the balance between good customer service and corporate compliance, I have to say that I’ve always had a lot of respect for the way that Apple has approached retailing with its Apple Stores. The St. Louis store is …

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Jun 11

MARKETING CULTURE: Reflections on the Mad Men Season 5 Finale


Mad Men is one of those shows that marketers love to watch, and why not? It’s smart, it’s meticulous, it’s about an era in which marketing boiled down to simply shouting your message for everyone to hear and, of course, it’s loaded with nuance. We marketers love to talk about ourselves, and Mad Men lets us look …

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