Jun 21

IN THE NEWS: Are we losing faith in the quality of our public schools?

Photo Credit: Thomas Favre-Bulle (flickr.com)

While I don’t exactly look fondly back on the grade school days of vocabulary tests, algebra homework and last minute cramming, I can still confidently say that I thought my public school education was pretty rock solid. However, these days, this is not the case anymore.

A recent Gallup poll found that confidence in U.S. public schools has declined to its lowest point in nearly four decades. 30% of respondents said that they had little to no confidence in public schools. 40% had some confidence while 29% had a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence. This percentage was compared to the responses gathered in 1973 in which 58% reported having strong confidence in the education system.

Apparently, public education was not the only thing that scored low in public confidence. Nowadays, the public does not have a positive outlook on a variety of U.S. institutions. Organized religion, banks and TV news were at record lows in public confidence as well. Congress ranked last with 13% confidence.

Why do you think confidence in U.S. institutions are at an all time low? What are the implications? Let us know what you think!