Jun 29

IN THE NEWS: How much more time do single people spend on personal care than married couples?

Photo Credit: Themacgirl (flickr.com)

Sometimes, it’s just seems inconvenient being single. Participating in the “buy one get one free” offers can be a hassle because who gets two Frappuccinos at once for themselves? And sitting by yourself at a two or four person table is just awkward.

However, according to the Labor Department’s American Time Use Survey, single people have more time for personal care, sleeping and leisure activities than married people. The report boiled it down to about one hour and 16 minutes more time.

The survey found that:

  • Married people spend 40 minutes more doing chores than single people
  • Married people spend 37 minutes more at work than single people
  • Married people spend 30 minutes more caring for children than single people
  • Married people spend 26 minutes less on personal care and sleeping
  • Married people spend 50 minutes less on sports and activities

Looking at financial expenses, single people spend more money on clothes and fitness. And of course adding children to the equation increases spending by thousands of dollars. A couple with children will spend almost three times more on average than a couple without children. Being married does have its financial benefits though. Married couples get some relief on federal and Social Security taxes due to the lower tax rates associated with joint filing.

Do you think the results of this survey accurately apply to what you personally perceive about the lives of single and married people? Let us know!